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Are you tired of your children being bored, always on their smart phones and wanting electronic entertainment?  Then you have come to the right place! JumpHouse is a premier junior’s education organisation providing life skills from beginners to teens.

We pride ourselves in providing a real experience to our students that is free of electronic gadgets, gets back to basics, and puts them in touch with the real world and nature.  Not only do they get to learn useful and important life skills, but they get to interact with their peers and develop those critical interpersonal skills that are weakened by social media and virtual communication.

For us it’s all about education in motion because they get to experience the activities both as individuals (each student gets a chance to participate) and as a team (most activities require an element of collaboration).


Experience Nature

Beautiful surroundings to play and learn in

Our Camps take your children out of the concrete jungle and into nature.


Aquire Life Skills

Replace what technology has taken away

Through peer communication and activities your children will gain vital life skills.


Team Work

Learn about Teamwork and to work together

Our various activities teach your children how to be a valuable team player.


Self Confidence

We inspire Children and ignite their Passion

Self confidence and a passion for life is nurtured through our programmes.

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